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Dramatists Guild - Talkback podcast

The Dramatists Guild Presents: TALKBACK


We’ve seen the stats. We’ve read the think pieces. Now we’re ready to TALKBACK. 

TALKBACK is the podcast for every dramatist or theater fan who wants, but maybe hasn’t seen, the inclusiveness we all imagined. TALKBACK entertains frank conversations about diversity, equity and inclusion. We ask the tough questions and don’t have all the answers but dig into dialogue that’s vital and messy and real. Join host Christine Toy Johnson and her industry colleagues from the pulse of the American theatre on TALKBACK. Look for new episodes every Monday through the end of November. Join the conversation on twitter using #DGTalkBack



TALKBACK (Dramatists Guild) - S2 #2 KJ and Vichet talk about MFAs

S2 #2 KJ and Vichet talk about MFAs

Is getting a Masters degree the best way to enter the theater industry? It’s a popular avenue to take, but it may not be the only way. Christine sits down with friends and colleagues KJ Sanchez and Vichet Chum as they dive into the realities of student loans, ...
TALKBACK (Dramatists Guild) - S2 #1 Georgia and Lloyd Talk about the Pipeline

S2 #1 Georgia and Lloyd Talk about the Pipeline

Christine sits down with two writers and advocates, Georgia Stitt (Snow Child, Samantha Spade, Ace Detective, Founder of Maestra) and Lloyd Suh (The Chinese Lady, Charles Francis Chan Jr.'s Exotic Oriental Murder Mystery), to talk about the pipeline, who is granted access to being considered for jobs in the industry and why. You’ll ...
Talkback Podcast hosted by Christine Toy Johnson Episode 6 Theatre Criticism

#6 – Thumbs or Tomatoes- Theater Criticism in the 21st Century

In our final episode of the season playwright Leah Nanako Winkler tells Christine about a 3Views, a new initiative to invite more voices into theater criticism ...
TalkBack Podcast Episode-Five Diverse and Inclusive Casting

#5 – It’s the Most Traditional Thing You Can Do – On Diverse and Inclusive Casting

In this flashback to summer episode of TALKBACK, host Christine Toy Johnson welcomes playwright Kristoffer Diaz to talk about his work on the musical Hercules at the Public Theater just before it premiered in New York City and addresses presentation through the lens of wrestling in The Elaborate Entrance of Chad ...
TALKBACK #4 - The Numbers Don’t Really Lie - On Why We Count, and Why it Matters

#4 – The Numbers Don’t Really Lie – On Why We Count, and Why it Matters

This week, host Christine Toy Johnson leads TALKBACK on a journey to understand why representation, or the lack of it, has real and lasting impact on actors and audiences alike. Mandy Gonzalez shares her personal journey from seeking herself in others onstage to becoming a role model for ...
TALKBACK #3 - If We Don’t Ask, They Don’t Give - On Collaborating with a Marketing Department

#3 – If We Don’t Ask, They Don’t Give – On Collaborating with a Marketing Department

No marketing means no audience… but how *do* you talk to the Marketing Department? Christine Toy Johnson sits down with actor/playwright Charlayne Woodard, playwright Lydia Diamond, producer Garlia Cornelia Jones, and marketing director Caitlin Baird for a lively discussion on how artists can get the marketing support their ...


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