Ten Til Places: A Theatre Podcast

Ten Til Places: A Theatre Podcast


Ten ‘Til Places: A Theatre Podcast is hosted by actress, Aliya Gardner, who discusses her life as an actress and the ups and downs that go along with trying to succeed in the Theatre Community! She chats about her experiences as a local actress in the DC area and will chat with many other amazing actors and actresses who are all on the same journey to Broadway!




Ten Til Places - Episode 15: Powerful Women in Theatre

Episode 15: Powerful Women in Theatre

Female artists uplifting and supporting each other is so vital as it allows all female artists to continue to thrive and prosper in this industry. Elise Melendez (Co-Founder and Executive Director of Motivated Movers) and Jennifer Apple (Co-Founder of Empowered Artist Collective) chat all about the importance of ...
Ten Til Places - Episode 14: The Voice Actor's Perspective

Episode 14: The Voice Actor’s Perspective

Actress Nadia Pelletier chats all about her experience in the industry and her latest, and most raunchy, endeavor as a voice actress! With her latest gig, Nadia got to explore her sexual side in the recording studio for Season 2 of the ConSenual Podcast, a fictional romance podcast ...
Ten Til Places - Episode 13: Bootlegs, Pro-Recordings, & Movie Musicals

Episode 13: Bootlegs, Pro-Recordings, & Movie Musicals

This episode is all about how Aliya feels about bootleg recordings and professional recordings of Broadway shows. She also talks about movie musical adaptations and which films, in her opinion, are great depictions of the original stage adaptations! Now get ready for a 2-hour Broadway Slime Tutorial! Or...just ...
Ten Til Places - Episode 12: Musical Masacres

Episode 12: Musical Masacres

It's time to vent! In this episode, Aliya talks about 3 of her least favorite musicals and why she firmly believes that none of them should exist. These shows include Shrek the Musical, Carrie the Musical, and Hands on a Hardbody the Musical. There are definitely some great ...
Ten Til Places: A Theatre Podcast

Episode 11: An Artist and Her Mental Health

Aliya gets personal in this episode as she chats about her own mental health and how the arts have continuously helped her stay sane during difficult times. The arts are always incredibly therapeutic, but it's always good to get professional help if you truly need it. If you ...
Ten Til Places - Episode 10: Theatre Fails Part 2!

Episode 10: Theatre Fails Part 2!

Time for part 2! Aliya sits down with Joseph Fagan to sip on this month's #BroadwayBoozeDay drink and chat about some fails from a previous production of Legally Blonde the Musical, the MTV theatre reality tv show, and so much more! Sip along with us and enjoy! ...


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