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We are Bret Shuford and Stephen Hanna your all-American married couple making their living in the arts and pursuing a growing family. On the Broadway Husbands Podcast we offer advice from our ordinary lives under extraordinary circumstances. We are living proof that you can love who you love and love what you do. 

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Broadway Husbands #16 - One Little Word: Married

#16 – One Little Word: Married

Hey there! As you know by now, we are happily married. When we were planning our wedding, we based many decisions off of the traditions we grew up seeing in heterosexual marriage celebrations. We met with Jason Mitchell Kahn virtually to pick his brain about weddings! ...
The Broadway Husbands #15 - Being Authentically You

#15 – Being Authentically You

Broadway vets and soon to be Broadway Husbands Adam Hyndman and Brad Gibson give us some beautiful insight into their life’s including how to have Integrity in show biz relationships and keeping ego out of the relationship when booking work. They give us perspective on internalized homophobia in ...
The Broadway Husbands Podcast #14 - Siblings

#14 – Siblings

We are getting all sappy this week, so hold on to your hats. This week’s episode is all about our O.G. besties, our siblings! Anyone with siblings knows that they can be your best friend and your biggest annoyance…sometimes at the same time. We dive into the complexity ...
The Broadway Husbands Episode 13 Disney Obsession

#13 – Disney Obsession

Welcome back faithful friends and listeners! We (mostly Bret) are so excited for this week’s topic: DISNEY! We strongly feel that everyone has a soft spot in their heart for the House of Mouse — some more than others (i.e. Us). In fact, there’s a whole podcast devoted ...
The Broadway Husbands Episode 12 Goals for 2020

#12 – Goals for 2020

Today we are discussing GOAL setting for 2020. We don’t often set aside to really plan out our goals and ambitions. Bret helps a lot of people as the Broadway Life Coach ( but this time we help each other set our ambitions personal and professional ...
The Broadway Husbands Episode 11 Taking a Performing Sabbatical

#11 – Taking a Performing Sabbatical

Hello from Bret and Stephen and welcome to The Broadway Husbands Podcast! We are taking it back to the good ole days of Episode 1 with an episode complete with no special guests - just us! This week, we are chatting about that time we packed up and ...


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