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We are Bret Shuford and Stephen Hanna your all-American married couple making their living in the arts and pursuing a growing family. On the Broadway Husbands Podcast we offer advice from our ordinary lives under extraordinary circumstances. We are living proof that you can love who you love and love what you do. 

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The Broadway Husbands Podcast - #44 -Back to Beaumont

#44 -Back to Beaumont

It all started with a trip home to Beaumont, TX for a high school football game and a post on Instagram. (Isn’t that how all good stories unfold?) We drove to Bret’s hometown to see family and support his niece in the marching band. And after we shared ...
The Broadway Husbands Podcast - #43 - Our Fitness Routine

#43 – Our Fitness Routine

We’re finding as we’re away from New York during the Pandemic that we have to be intentional about walking. In New York, walking is a given. There’s no escaping a walk to the subway, to work, to home, and up a whole bunch of stairs in the process ...
The Broadway Husbands Podcast - #42 - Sharing Our Space

#42 – Sharing Our Space

Hello listeners! This week, we discus sharing our space- both physically and metaphorically. Couples often face challenges and compromises when asked to cohabitate. But sharing space during a Pandemic is the next level! It also means making room for each other’s careers, not just a couple extra pairs ...
The Broadway Husbands Podcast - #41 - Our Skin Care Routine

#41 – Our Skin Care Routine

Let’s talk skin care! If there’s one thing you can count on with the Broadway Husbands, it’s transparency. We are unapologetically living our lives, pursuing our passions, and sharing what we learn along the way. Over the years, we’ve learned a lot about how to take care of ...
The Broadway Husbands Podcast - #40 - Our Mental Health Journey

#40 – Our Mental Health Journey

This week, we take a deep dive into a topic that we both feel so passionate about: Mental Health. With the upcoming election, the ongoing pandemic, and this week’s announcement of an extended Broadway shutdown, our heads are swirling. And our hearts are with our performing arts community ...
The Broadway Husbands Podcast - #39 - Quarantine Marriage with Ryan Vona and Caitlin Houlahan

#39 – Quarantine Marriage with Ryan Vona and Caitlin Houlahan

Ryan Vona and Caitlin Houlahan are Broadway performers with a relationship that’s worthy of a standing ovation. They’re also dear friends of ours. So we were delighted to have them as this week’s podcast guests! ...


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