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We are Bret Shuford and Stephen Hanna your all-American married couple making their living in the arts and pursuing a growing family. On the Broadway Husbands Podcast we offer advice from our ordinary lives under extraordinary circumstances. We are living proof that you can love who you love and love what you do. 

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The Broadway Husbands Podcast - #40 - Our Mental Health Journey

#40 – Our Mental Health Journey

This week, we take a deep dive into a topic that we both feel so passionate about: Mental Health. With the upcoming election, the ongoing pandemic, and this week’s announcement of an extended Broadway shutdown, our heads are swirling. And our hearts are with our performing arts community ...
The Broadway Husbands Podcast - #39 - Quarantine Marriage with Ryan Vona and Caitlin Houlahan

#39 – Quarantine Marriage with Ryan Vona and Caitlin Houlahan

Ryan Vona and Caitlin Houlahan are Broadway performers with a relationship that’s worthy of a standing ovation. They’re also dear friends of ours. So we were delighted to have them as this week’s podcast guests! ...
The Broadway Husbands Podcast - #38 - Mother Knows Best with Deedee Magno

#38 – Mother Knows Best with Deedee Magno

Where are our 1990s Mickey Mouse Club fans? Oh there you are! Us too! If you watched the show religiously every day after school, dreamed of joining the Club, and even wrote fan letters to the gang (okay, maybe that was just Bret) then this episode is for ...
The Broadway Husbands Podcast - #37 - Ask Us Anything

#37 – Ask Us Anything

Today’s podcast was so much fun… Rapid fire questions from you, our listeners! This was the first time we tried this format, and it won’t be the last. We loved your questions! Our favorite aspect of social media has always been the “social” part. And it’s episodes like ...
The Broadway Husbands Ep36

#36 – How To Stay In Your Power with Barrett Martin and Megan Sikora

Megan Sikora and Barrett Martin are a Broadway Power Couple! Between the two of them, they have performed in 20 Broadway shows! (That’s ten each for anyone keeping score at home.) They met performing in Wicked when Megan wasn’t in the mood to fall in love. But when ...
The Broadway Husbands Podcast - #35 - Podcast Parents - The Shufords

#35 – Podcast Parents – The Shufords

This week’s podcast comes to you from Texas. After a wonderful interview with Stephen’s parents last week, we had a great time interviewing Deanna and Preston Shuford (aka Bret’s Mom and Dad)! We’re really glad we did these two interviews back-to-back. Although their love stories were unfolding at ...


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