The Compass Hosted by Leah Walsh

The Compass


The Compass podcast documents the lives of artists navigating the waters between art and commerce. What do they do when they feel themselves going to the dark side? How do they find balance when they are creating beautiful things, but not necessarily making their entire living from their art (acting, dance, etc). A space for those conversations with peers about living a creative life.

Hosted by actress Leah Walsh.


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The Compass Hosted by Leah Walsh

Episode 4: Brendan Spieth

Actor Brendan Spieth talks about how he deals with the dark side and charting his own path, spanning music, theatre, food, and dance. He shares one of his songs and its origin. Brendan is also responsible for The Compass intro and outro music.  ...
The Compass Hosted by Leah Walsh

Brendan Spieth Preview: Two Original Songs

A sneak peak at the upcoming episode featuring Brendan Spieth, hear two of his original songs and how one of them came to be.  Keep an eye out for Brendan's episode of The Compass later this week! ...
The Compass Hosted by Leah Walsh

Episode 3: Amanda Sykes

In Episode 3 of The Compass, actress Amanda Sykes talks about the dark side and how she finds her way out of it, her love for New York City, and perseverance.  ...
The Compass Hosted by Leah Walsh

Episode 2: Stephanie Wright Thompson

In Episode 2 of The Compass, actress Stephanie Wright Thompson shares her experiences balancing creating new work with her theatre company (The Mad Ones), day jobs, refining priorities, and finding a little time to slow down. Check out The Mad Ones upcoming projects here: ...
The Compass Hosted by Leah Walsh

Episode 1: Alejandro Rodriguez

Alejandro Rodriguez talks about the path that has led him to an extremely varied artistic life. Check out for more info on Artists Striving to End Poverty, the organization Alejandro does much of his teaching and outreach with.  ...
The Compass Hosted by Leah Walsh

Episode 0: The Compass Intro

Detailed introduction to The Compass Podcast with Leah Walsh  ...


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