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The Ensemblist is an online advocate for the talented artists working in theatre ensembles. Through our podcast, website and social presence we are creating conversations about what it means to be a successful artist in the theatre. Each of our miniseries highlights a conversation that affects performers in Broadway ensembles, with experts on the topic sharing their insights in candid interviews. In addition, our monthly episodes feature readings of the most popular posts from our blog as well as show reviews. The Ensemblist podcast has a million downloads and was recently named one of the Top 50 Best Selling Performing Arts Podcasts of all time by Apple Podcasts. Hosted by Mo Brady.


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#156 - My First Time (Mamma Mia! - feat. Ashley Park)

#156 – My First Time (Mamma Mia! – feat. Ashley Park)

Ashley Park's portrayal of the hilarious but lovable Gretchen Wieners in Mean Girls earned Park nomi ...
#517 - Choreographers Making Moves (feat. Karla Garcia)

#517 – Choreographers Making Moves (feat. Karla Garcia)

Karla Garcia booked her broadway debut while still a student at NYU and has continued to channel her incredible talents not just towards an impressive performing career, but also as a breakout choreographer herself. Most recently performing as a swing in Hamilton on Broadway, she’s also choreographing a brand ...
#516 - Can We Award Ensembles? (Coda)

#516 – Can We Award Ensembles? (Coda)

So where do we go from here? When host Mo Brady started this mini-series eight episodes ago, he was positive that there was a way to recognize theatre ensembles. He was so sure of it that he figured the best and most equitable way to do so was ...
#515 - Can We Award Ensembles? (feat. Scott Dermody)

#515 – Can We Award Ensembles? (feat. Scott Dermody)

I knew there were other regional award ceremonies that recognize ensemble work, perhaps most notably, the Dora Awards in Toronto. Ahh…: Finally here I thought I could find a sustainable awards model. Like New York City, Toronto is a national mecca for the performing arts, with a long ...
#514 - Can We Award Ensembles? (feat. Matthew Kacergis)

#514 – Can We Award Ensembles? (feat. Matthew Kacergis)

Helen Hayes panelist Matthew Kacergis is a DC based arts administrator and arts advocate. He has a long history of performing at regional theaters across the country, and now works as a Project Associate at the DeVos Institute of Arts Management. We talked about the Helen Hayes Awards, ...
#513 - Reopening Theatre (Hamilton Australia - feat. Robert Walters) Part 2

#513 – Reopening Theatre (Hamilton Australia – feat. Robert Walters) Part 2

Robert Walters is a three-year veteran of the Broadway company of Hamilton. A native Australian, he recently made the trip to Sydney to join the original Australian company of Hamilton. Of course, that journey included the well-known two week quarantine mandated by the Australian government for anyone entering ...


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