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The Ensemblist is an online advocate for the talented artists working in theatre ensembles. Through our podcast, website and social presence we are creating conversations about what it means to be a successful artist in the theatre. Each of our miniseries highlights a conversation that affects performers in Broadway ensembles, with experts on the topic sharing their insights in candid interviews. In addition, our monthly episodes feature readings of the most popular posts from our blog as well as show reviews. The Ensemblist podcast has a million downloads and was recently named one of the Top 50 Best Selling Performing Arts Podcasts of all time by Apple Podcasts. Hosted by Mo Brady.


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The Ensemblist Episode 221 SMASH'ED

#221 – Smash’ed (Episode 6)

“Chemistry” premiered on March 12, 2012. The episode was written by Jacquelyn Reingold, and was directed by Dan Attias. It premiered live to an audience of 7.04 million viewers ...
The Ensemblist Episode 220 Doubletapped Felicia Fitzpatrick

#220 – Doubletapped (feat. Felicia Fitzpatrick)

As a capstone to the interviews we’ve had with actors on social media, I wanted to get some broader perspective on social media trends in the Broadway space. That’s why I called my friend and colleague, Felicia Fitzpatrick. She is Director of Social Media and Creative Strategy of ...
The Ensemblist Episode 219 Waitress Shoshana Bean, Molly Hager, Todrick Hall and Jessie Hooker-Bailey

#219 – Waitress (feat. Shoshana Bean, Molly Hager, Todrick Hall and Jessie Hooker-Bailey)

On January 5, 2020, Broadway will dim the lights on one of its most delicious confections: Waitress. During its more than four years and 1,544 regular performances on Broadway, The Ensemblist has shared many stories from its talented company. We share with you today two completely new stories ...
The Ensemblist Episode 218 My First Time, Marisha Wallace

#218 – My First Time (feat. Marisha Wallace)

Usually, our “My First Time” episodes feature Broadway stars looking back at the very first time they stepped on a Broadway stage. But on this episode we are going to hear about a series of firsts from one of the biggest hearts on Broadway, Marisha Wallace.  ...
Mamas Talkin Loud Episode 3 Megan McGinnis and Becky Gulsvig

#217 – Touring Broadway (feat. Cara Cooper, Becky Gulsvig, Megan McGinnis and Jessica Rush)

In our recent episodes about Touring Broadway, actors Josh Burrage and Sabrina Imamura shared with us some of the joys and struggles of touring with A Bronx Tale, Newsies and Hamilton. But while they each have significant experience in the road, one thing neither of them were able ...
The Ensemblist Episode 216 Touring Broadway Sabrina Imamura

#216 – Touring Broadway (feat. Sabrina Imamura)

First National Tours are one of the most important calling cards for the Broadway community. Staged in New York City to cross the country, these facsimiles of Broadway shows bring the experience of attending a Mainstem musical to theatrelovers across the country. But how similar are these touring ...

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