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The Ensemblist is an online advocate for the talented artists working in theatre ensembles. Through our podcast, website and social presence we are creating conversations about what it means to be a successful artist in the theatre. Each of our miniseries highlights a conversation that affects performers in Broadway ensembles, with experts on the topic sharing their insights in candid interviews. In addition, our monthly episodes feature readings of the most popular posts from our blog as well as show reviews. The Ensemblist podcast has a million downloads and was recently named one of the Top 50 Best Selling Performing Arts Podcasts of all time by Apple Podcasts. Hosted by Mo Brady.


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The Ensemblist - #367 - Black Broadway Men (feat. Anthony Wayne)

#367 – Black Broadway Men (feat. Anthony Wayne)

Broadway alum Anthony Wayne has collected a group of Black men in theatre to form a racial equality group to support fellow members of their community and industry. Black Broadway Men is open to all self-identifying Black men who work on stage or behind the scenes in theatre ...
The Ensemblist - #366 - Movin Out (feat. Daniel Switzer)

#366 – Movin Out (feat. Daniel Switzer)

Today, we share a story of love from Daniel Switzer. Not only about falling in love with a person, but also a city - and how both of those relationships bloomed over a years-long courtship. Here, in his own words, is Daniel Switzer ...
#365 - Tony Telecasts (feat. Aaron Albano)

#365 – Tony Telecasts (feat. Aaron Albano)

Welcome listeners to a new mini-series, bringing you all the drama behind the drama of a theatre season in Broadway history. In each podcast episode, we will watch a telecast of a previous Tony Awards and then delve to the theatre season ...
The Ensemblist #364 – Baby Blessings (feat. Khori Petinaud)

#364 – Baby Blessings (feat. Khori Petinaud)

This week, we share highlights of the third episode of the IGTV series "Baby Blessings." Hosted by Broadway ensemblist Bahiyah Hibah spoke to her Moulin Rouge! The Musical cast mate Khori Petinaud about being pregnant during a pandemic. Enjoy! ...
The Ensemblist - #363 - Broadway at Every Stage (feat. John Eric Parker)

#363 – Broadway at Every Stage (feat. John Eric Parker)

This week, we’re sharing highlights from our chat with John Eric Parker. After growing up in New York City and attending LaGuardia High School, John Eric Parker performed in the national tour of The Wiz and German production of Starlight Express before making his Broadway debut in Rent ...
The Ensemblist - #362 - Smash'ed (Season 2 Wrap-up)

#362 – Smash’ed (Season 2 Wrap-up)

Welcome back, listeners to our tongue-in-cheek wrap up of what is television’s most detailed depiction of the theatre industry. And yes, for the last time, we’re talking about Smash, the NBC series that chronicled the creation of not one, but TWO Broadway musicals and all of the drama ...

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