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Self-care, fitness and healthy eating is a journey. For Steph Wilberding, owner of Leading Lady Fitness in Los Angeles, the path hasn’t always been easy. In her new podcast, Steph and her guests from the entertainment and fitness community dig deep into their own relationships with food, fitness, and body image. Much like the non-judgmental gym environment that Steph has created, the LLF podcast provides a safe space to discuss the journey of self, as it pertains to self-care and holistic wellness.

Produced by Steph Wilberding and Katie Rosin.

Learn more about Steph & Leading Lady Fitness: and @leading_lady_fitness.



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Episode #19 - Emily Skinner

Episode #19 – Emily Skinner

Steph sat with Broadway Leading Lady, Emily Skinner, for an honest conversation about self-care, body image and how relationship to self changes over time. Emily Skinner is kind and genuine and opens up about how her journey with her body and how she cares for it has transformed ...
Episode #18 - Katie Finneran

Episode #18 – Katie Finneran

Steph chats with TONY Award winning actress Katie Finneran. Katie has starred in multiple Broadway shows. She's also an acclaimed Film & TV actress, most recently on The Gilded Age! Katie and Steph have ...
Episode #17 - Nick Cartell

Episode #17 – Nick Cartell

Steph chats with Broadway Leading Man (and friend), Nick Cartell. Nick shares his journey with food and fitness and how he managed his relationship to both during the pandemic as well as in times of full-time ...
Episode #16 - Leading Lady Fitness at BroadwayCon

Episode #16 – Leading Lady Fitness at BroadwayCon

Steph was joined by Broadway Leading Ladies, Jennifer Simard and Rashidra Scott, and Peloton's Christine D'Ercole at BroadwayCon earlier this summer. Listen in to this conversation around self-care, body ...
Episode #15 - Andréa Burns

Episode #15 – Andréa Burns

Steph chats with the amazing Andréa Burns about her journey with her body and food and fitness at all stages of her career. Andréa shares her journey with food and fitness and how it's transformed over ...
Episode #14 - Josh Walden

Episode #14 – Josh Walden

Steph chats with Director and Choreographer, Josh Walden about their relationship to self and body and how it's transformed over the years. Josh recently made headlines as a member of the creative team ...


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