The Parsnip Ship

The Parsnip Ship


The Parsnip Ship is a podcast play company that amplifies bold artists for audiences who crave accessible stories and storytellers. Our live events and audio podcasts are eclectic and transformative, creating communities in person and digitally. Through our work, we revolutionize the way you hear theater. Hosted by Iyvon Edebiri.



The Parsnip Ship

The String’s the Thing by Veronica Tjioe

Directed by Veronica Tjioe with musical guest Bobey. Juxtaposing the Minotaur myth with the reality of living a liminal existence, what it feels like to be neither “one” nor “the other”, Tjioe explores from a mixed-race perspective the tenuous state of being in-between. Featuring Sunee Kiernan, Jessica Greenstreet, ...
The Parsnip Ship

Spit the Pit by Christine J. Schmidt

Directed by Christine J. Schmidt, with musical guest Phil Hamilton and Christine J. Schmidt "Francine is changing her name to 'Peaches; so that Rob, who has a fetish for human taxidermy, might find her one day despite the difficulty it may cause her own sister who has been ...
The Parsnip Ship

School of the Americas by José Rivera

Directed by José Rivera with musical guests Rafael Rosa and Melanie Lozano. The final days of Che Guevara’s life spent imprisoned in a school house in Boliva and the school teacher, Julia Cortez, who visited him there. Featuring Felix Soliz, Alfredo Narciso, Marisol Miranda, Danielle Davenport, J.J. Perez, ...


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