The Parsnip Ship

The Parsnip Ship


The Parsnip Ship is a podcast play company that amplifies bold artists for audiences who crave accessible stories and storytellers. Our live events and audio podcasts are eclectic and transformative, creating communities in person and digitally. Through our work, we revolutionize the way you hear theater. Hosted by Iyvon Edebiri.



The Parsnip Ship

The Mermaids’ Parade by Gina Femia

Directed by Blayze Teicher, with musical guest Jackie Gage "Biron has been deployed to Iraq and Islande is stuck in Coney Island. A fable of a mermaid connects them both as they are forced to confront their personal horrors in order to try to find one another and ...
The Parsnip Ship

What We Look Like by Bruce Jones and Jonathan Mello

Directed by Samantha Saltzman, with musical guests NOWA "The story of Jesse and Adam, two people who fall in love. But it's not only about Jesse and Adam. It's also the story of Jesse: of how a person deemed "fat" by their community lives, works, and is seen ...
The Parsnip Ship

I Wanna Fuck Like Romeo & Juliet by Andrew Rincón

Directed by Blayze Teicher, with musical guests Keren Abreu and Chris Peters "Snow in July, comets falling from the sky. The world is thrown into chaos as Cupid rips off her wings and gives up on Love. But her old flame Saint Valentine has a plan to bring ...
The Parsnip Ship

OR OR OR &&& by Daniel K. Isaac

Directed by Carlos Armesto, with musical guest Diana Oh "Daniel tries to write his first full-length play and it’s not going to be about his mom. He’s already written a web series about her so this play will Not. Be. About. Esther. Instead, there’s Dragon and missionaries in ...
The Parsnip Ship

POLICARPA by Diana Burbano

Directed by Melinda Hall, with musical guest Marie Gabrielle "In a future Colombia controlled by the very wealthy, the brilliant, mad Ingrid Bolivar collects young women and turns them into weapons. Policarpa, a girl with magical gifts, must resist the allure of becoming a creature of destruction. Can ...
The Parsnip Ship

Annie Jump and The Library of Heaven by Reina Hardy

Directed by Rudy Ramirez, with musical guest Benjamin Weiner "A play for all ages about finding your place in the universe, and intelligent life in your neighborhood." ...


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