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Join Amir Yassai, a self proclaimed “human unicorn” and discover what makes him aflutter, on his new podcast, The Take On, where he and his guests take on LIFE! Amir thrives by inspiring people to lean into who they are meant to be and helping them find their inner best self.  Obsessed with ALL things activism, body positivity, TikTok, and Bravo, Amir is also not shy about digging in with his talented guests, while they push and motivate each other to embrace their personal authenticity. Everyone is always welcome just as they are to listen to these incredible conversations, designed to challenge the status quo and help to reinvent the way people connect and view one another. Sprinkled with Amir’s humor, the podcast will engage in sometimes hard conversations but OF COURSE, will also have a kiki! This is THE TAKE ON!





The Take On - Ep12 - Dr. James Q. Simmons

Ep12 – Dr. James Q. Simmons

JAMES Q SIMMONS joined The Take On and what a perfect time with the pandemic on all our minds. James takes the fear out of taking control of your own health, and helps us deal with our fears and phobias. James makes medicine and healthcare palatable for all, ...
The Take On - Ep11 - David Del Rio

Ep11 – David Del Rio

DAVID DEL RIO joined The Take On and we broke down his experiences on Broadway, the big screen, and the small screen, he has literally been on all the screens! David has made a way for himself in Hollywood and bringing this infectious energy. WE also discussed how ...
The Take On - Ep10 - Arisce Wanzer

Ep10 – Arisce Wanzer

ARISCE WANZER joined The Take On and we broke down transphobia in the black community as the BLM movement gains traction in America. Arisce talks about how hard it was for her to find her place in Hollywood as a proud trans woman of color. Arisce has clawed ...
The Take On - Ep9 - Assaad Yacoub

Ep9 – Assaad Yacoub

ASSAAD YACOUB joined The Take On! Feeling STUCK? Well this episode will speak to you. Assaad talked all things directing and how to carve out your own space in Hollywood. What is the best way to take up space in your career, and how to lean into your ...
The Take On - Ep8 - Mayhem Miller

Ep8 – Mayhem Miller

MAYHEM MILLER joined The Take On and we discussed finding positivity even during the darkest times and how to rise above those times with resilience. Mayhem opened up about all the ways RuPaul has opened the door for Queens of Color and how she is able to operate ...
The Take On - Ep7 - Kapil Talwalkar

Ep7 – Kapil Talwalkar

KAPIL TALWALKAR joined The Take On and shared what it is like being a South Asian actor in Hollywood and how we can navigate all of our own intersections. Carving out a part of the industry for yourself is no easy feat and Kapil has done it seamlessly ...


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