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Join Amir Yassai, a self proclaimed “human unicorn” and discover what makes him aflutter, on his new podcast, The Take On, where he and his guests take on LIFE! Amir thrives by inspiring people to lean into who they are meant to be and helping them find their inner best self.  Obsessed with ALL things activism, body positivity, TikTok, and Bravo, Amir is also not shy about digging in with his talented guests, while they push and motivate each other to embrace their personal authenticity. Everyone is always welcome just as they are to listen to these incredible conversations, designed to challenge the status quo and help to reinvent the way people connect and view one another. Sprinkled with Amir’s humor, the podcast will engage in sometimes hard conversations but OF COURSE, will also have a kiki! This is THE TAKE ON!





The Take On - Ep6 - David Lopez

Ep6 – David Lopez

DAVID LOPEZ joined The Take On and spoke about intersectionality and how to let go of opportunities that may not have been for you from the jump. Holding on too tight can be your undoing and in this conversation, we dive into how to unlearn some of the ...
The Take On - Extra Extra! Amir is SPILLING THE TEA!

Extra Extra! Amir is SPILLING THE TEA!

MISSIN' US? Don't worry we know it's Quarantine so we are giving you a super SPECIAL extra dose of The Take On and it's just Amir this time. We are spilling some major TEA! We are diving into the world of celebrities and unveiling the dark side of ...
The Take On - Ep5 - Eureka O'Hara

Ep5 – Eureka O’Hara

EUREKA O’HARA joined The Take On to discuss all things as a world famous drag queen and being your most authentic self. Eureka made a name for themself on Rupaul's Drag Race and now HBO's We're Here, which was just renewed for a 2nd season! Finding your purpose ...
The Take On - Ep4 - Jason Carter (Part 2)

Ep4 – Jason Carter (Part 2)

JASON CARTER joined the The Take On for PART 2 because we had so much more tea to spill! We continue down the rabbit hole of celebrity gossip. We complete the conversation around Lea Michele. We break down Britney Spears and her conservatorship. All Hail Britney! We also ...
The Take On - Ep3 - Jason Carter (Part 1)

Ep3 – Jason Carter (Part 1)

JASON CARTER joined The Take On to jump headfirst into celebrity news! We dive into the Kardashians and spill the tea on Lea Michele, and honey there is a pot of tea to spill! Jason Carter is a mainstay of RuPaul's Drag Race as a part of the ...
The Take On - Ep2 - Kristen Griffin Vander Yacht

Ep2 – Kristen Griffith-VanderYacht

KRISTEN GRIFFITH-VANDERYACHT joined The Take On! Looking for laughs? Fun? You've come to the right place! Kristen and I will dive into the world of shooting a Netflix show with as large a production value as The Big Flower Fight. We also discussed what it is like being ...

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