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A Theatre podcast for people who are obsessed with theatre and have no desire to recover from their addictions. We talk about Broadway flops, scandals and new work. “Who Fails, Who Sues, We Tell Their Stories” Hosted by Ebony Vines and Pamela Shandrow.



Theatre Geeks Anonymous

Episode 52: SMASH Season 1 Episode 6

Oh, my dear Geeks! Smash producers have taken away our training wheels...we are IN IT! But Ebony and I have some words of caution you won't want to miss ...
Theatre Geeks Anonymous

TGA Big Announcement!

The Broadway Podcast Network has made it their mission to gather together all the theatre related podcasts into one location, and guess what?! Theatre Geeks Anonymous is their newest addition! ...
Theatre Geeks Anonymous

Intermission No. 30: 2020 Tony Awards Eligibility

Pamela and Ebony chat about what shows are eligible for the 2020 Tony Awards nominations, what they saw before the shutdown and what they're excited about! ...
Theatre Geeks Anonymous

Episode 51: SMASH Season 1 Episode 5

I'm not gonna lie, Geeks...this episode has shifted things for me (Pamela), and now I'm fully invested! Lets tear down the patriarchy! What do you think? ...
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Episode 50: Theatre Geeks Anonymous – Smash Season 1 Episode 4

Hi Geeks! We are going to chat about Smash Season1 episode 4 today and you can follow along with us on the NBC app or Amazon Prime to watch for free! ...
Theatre Geeks Anonymous

SMASH Season 1: Episode 3

It's SahMASH! No flops, scandals, or new works here... Just a cult favorite loaded with Broadway faces! ...


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