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On the West of Broadway podcast, Broadway veterans Will Armstrong & Wendy Rosoff discuss the vibrant musical theater scene on the West Coast, covering movie musicals, regional productions, national tours, and more with the cast, crew, producers, and supporters who make it all happen. If you want a lighthearted celebration of musical theater, you can find it all West of Broadway!



West of Broadway Episode 5

West of Broadway Ep 5: Jersey Boys/ Mark Ballas

On this episode of West of Broadway, Lara Scott and Will Armstrong sit down to discuss their very busy theater schedule before Will takes off to the Ahmanson Theater to sit down with the current Frankie Valli, Mark Ballas ...
West of Broadway Episode 4

West of Broadway Ep4: The Bodyguard / Judson Mills & Jasmin Richardson

On this episode of West of Broadway, Will and Lara swoon over their recent trip to the Pantages Theater to see the National Tour of The Bodyguard starring Deborah Cox ...
West of Broadway Episode 3

West of Broadway EP3: Broadway Arts Camp / Alexis Carra

On this episode of West of Broadway, Will Armstrong sits down with Broadway Veteran and Co-founder of Broadway Arts Camp, Alexis Carra to discuss her journey from Broadway to Hollywood. Alexis also shares some stories from backstage and on set as well as her motivation behind her love ...
West of Broadway Episode 2

West of Broadway EP2: Into the Woods / Charles Chatelain

On this episode of West of Broadway, Will Armstrong and Lara Scott sit down with the Charles Chatelain, President of the Center Theater Group’s Young Producers Circle to discuss the Fiasco Theater’s production of Into the Woods, performing at the Ahmanson Theater from now until May 14th ...
West of Broadway Episode 1 Laurie Wells

West o Broadway EP 1: Laurie Wells , An American in Paris

Will and Lara sit down with An American in Paris Ensemble Member Laurie Wells ...


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