What’s Your Backup Plan?


On What’s Your Backup Plan, we aim to help artists find ways to stay creative, connected and fulfilled through the ups and downs of a career. Each week, we will interview actors, musicians, writers, photographers and directors who are creating their own businesses, overcoming obstacles and finding inspiration in the world around them. Hosted by Olivia Valli & Fiona McIntyre.



What's Your Backup Plan?

Episode 10- Fearless authenticity with Paige Sciarrino

This week’s guest is multi-talented actor, filmmaker, yoga instructor and artist Paige Sciarrino. Paige discusses the process of writing and producing her first film, her journey to self-discovery, and the importance of having passions outside of the industry ...
What's Your Backup Plan?

Episode 9- Ken Magos paves his own way

On today’s episode we talk to actor, producer, director, voice teacher, and TV show host Ken Magos. Ken talks to us about how COVID-19 will change the future of our industry, transitioning from musical theatre to opera, owning your voice, and creating your own opportunities. We also talk ...
What's Your Backup Plan?

Episode 8- It’s the day of Spencer Glass, y’all!

This week we talk to actor, singer and host of It’s the Day of the Show, Y’all! on Broadwayworld, Spencer Glass! Spencer opens up about the realities of senior showcase and life as a New York actor, creating and hosting his own series, and being a human first ...
What's Your Backup Plan?

Episode 7- Training like an actor-athlete with Joe Rosko

This week we talk to Joe Rosko! This actor-turned-trainer and business owner talks to us about staying motivated during COVID-19, the importance of being an actor-athlete, and how he created Built for the Stage. Click the link below to donate to The Actors Fund! https://actorsfund.org/ ...
What's Your Backup Plan?

Episode 6- Meg Zervoulis builds a Prom and conducts some Mean Girls

In this episode, we speak to the multi-talented Meg Zervoulis about working as a music director on Broadway, teaching music in schools and conducting at the Tony Awards (!!!). We also chat about WYBUP's weekly featured organization, Feeding America. Click the link below to donate, and stick around ...
What's Your Backup Plan?

Episode 5- Just saying YES with Lauren Haughton

This week we chat with Lauren Haughton, who- after a decade in Wicked- found the importance of using her artistry to give back to her community by earning her MFA to teach the next generation ...


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