What’s Your Backup Plan?


On What’s Your Backup Plan, we aim to help artists find ways to stay creative, connected and fulfilled through the ups and downs of a career. Each week, we will interview actors, musicians, writers, photographers and directors who are creating their own businesses, overcoming obstacles and finding inspiration in the world around them. Hosted by Olivia Valli & Fiona McIntyre.



What's Your Backup Plan?

Episode 4- Michelle Kinney on photography, storytelling and finding your voice

This week we chat with photographer Michelle Kinney about her transition from performing to photography, allowing your goals to change course, and shooting some of the most influential politicians of our time ...
What's Your Backup Plan?

Episode 3- Get ready, cause here Darius Jordan Lee comes

In this episode, Ain't Too Proud's Darius Jordan Lee opens up about making his Broadway debut the week of the Broadway shutdown, trusting his faith, and the power of a strong community of family and friends ...
What's Your Backup Plan?

Episode 2- Everything changes with Bailey McCall

In this episode, we chat with Bailey McCall (Jenna in the National Tour of Waitress, Sally Bowles in the National Tour of Cabaret) about life on the road, an unexpected pause on tour, and allowing ourselves to experience grief, joy and everything in between ...
What's Your Backup Plan?

Episode 1- Backup plans, BFAs and COVID-19

On our first episode of What's Your Backup Plan?, we discuss our inspiration behind the podcast, the years of being asked "what's next?" in college classrooms, COVID-19's effect on our industry, and how we are feeling inspired this week. Check us out on Instagram @backupplanpodcast or send us an ...


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