Wighackers with Daniel Koye


Daniel Koye explores topics related to his life as a celebrity stylist, the world of entrepreneurs, wig tips and tricks, and much more.

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Wighackers with Daniel Koye

Talking with Client Clutches’ Vaughn Lee

Having a very open talk about what it really takes to the marketing side of your business whether it's a brand or a salon, These are some NEED to do's. THere are so many gems in this episode that you may want to take notes! ...
Wighackers with Daniel Koye

New YEAR. Clubhouse S

Making time in the new year for work! I have been hooked on clubhouse and how it can change the game in networking and building your business and not just that your social network! ...
Wighackers with Daniel Koye

Social Media Superstar Jodie Brown!

Here is a no FLUFF talk about social media and the REAL tangible things you can do to get your Instagram going strong!  My guest is Jodie Brown an intentional Instagram for hairstylist! Check out her online course to get this and so much more!  www.jodiebrown.ca ...
Wighackers with Daniel Koye

What are you DOING!!!

The world is a little crazy now what are you doing to center yourself and your business.  ...
Wighackers with Daniel Koye

You Missed OUT of a deal of a life time!

II hope you know you have missed the deal of a lifetime to be in the Wighackers club. It's not closed but it gonna cost you!  The content in it and me. Made this high on my Xanax Ambian so you all can get your deals!  I don't want to hear it! 9 ...
Wighackers with Daniel Koye

An Interview w/ Broadway Sensation Michelle Dowdy!

This was so much fun! Traveling back in time reminiscing the Broadway Bares and ALL the shows Michelle has worked on! ...


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