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“Young, Scrappy & Hungry” is a podcast for young, aspiring theatre professionals by young, aspiring theatre professionals. The Broadway Podcast Network interns, Charlotte Abate, Emily Ballou, and Samantha Omari-Cendejas endeavor on the journey to help their peers with the difficult task of starting a career in the arts. Each episode, a different theme will be covered to include all aspects of the beginning of a career, from resumes and auditions, to accepting a position and beyond! With the help of guests, both in the biz and on their way, they will provide listeners with helpful resources, advice, and discussions on the episode’s theme.

Feel free to ask the hosts your career questions here and hear them answered on the podcast!

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Episode 6 - Sustainability (feat. Catherine Palacios)

Episode 6 – Sustainability (feat. Catherine Palacios)

No way! It’s Young, Scrappy, and Hungry’s last episode! What?! As the year has come to an end and the holiday season begins, Charlotte, Emily, and Samantha, along with guest Catherine Palacios, talk about sustainability. They discuss avoiding burnout, mental and physical health, and finding outlets outside of ...
Young, Scrappy & Hungry - Bonus Episode (feat. Kahari Blue)

Bonus Episode (feat. Kahari Blue)

Surprise, a bonus episode! Huzzah! In this bonus interview, we talk to Kahari Blue about his experience in theatre, his podcast, and his advice for aspiring theatre professionals ...
Young, Scrappy & Hungry - Episode 5 - Episode 5 - Diversity (feat. Attiyya Fortuné)

Episode 5 – Episode 5 – Diversity (feat. Attiyya Fortuné)

The BPN interns are back with another episode featuring artist Attiyya Fortune! The four discuss the topic of diversity in the arts, from their personal experiences, to their hopes for future changes to make the theatre landscape more representative of the world around us. It is time for ...
Young, Scrappy & Hungry - Episode 4 - Connectivity (feat. Natasha Davison)

Episode 4 – Connectivity (feat. Natasha Davison)

Another day, another episode! The BPN interns speak with producer and University of Texas lecturer Natasha Davison on the ways of making and keeping connections in the industry. When starting a career in the arts, networking is the way to go, so listen up as we share with ...
Young, Scrappy & Hungry

Episode 3 – Courage (featuring Stephanie Everett)

Well look at that! It’s Episode 3! Charlotte, Emily, and Samantha are back at it again with actor, designer, and playwright Stephanie Everett tackling the topic of courage. Booking auditions, doing portfolio work, getting the interview… these things are hard to do! Listen as they try give you ...
Young, Scrappy & Hungry - Episode 2 - Uncertainty (featuring Khristián Méndez Aguirre)

Episode 2 – Uncertainty (featuring Khristián Méndez Aguirre)

It’s Episode 2! The BPN interns tackle the topic of uncertainty in theatre and sit down with UT Austin’s Ph.D. candidate, Khristián Méndez Aguirre. From the what-ifs to the what-to-dos, whether it be accepting a job or a project, or wondering what to do in this time of ...


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