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The Musicals of Tomorrow

The Musicals of Tomorrow

Experience the musicals of tomorrow — today!

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Experience the musicals of tomorrow — today! Get a glimpse inside the blueprint of an original musical being developed in real time - with New York Theatre Barn's podcast: The Musicals of Tomorrow. Hosts Joe Barros (Artistic Director) and Jen Sandler (Associate Artistic Director) make space to speak in community with musical theatre writers and their creative teams while lifting up original culture shifting musicals in development. Each original musical’s intention, content and journey are unique and extraordinary to the storytellers who create them. There is no formula for musical theatre, except authenticity. Featured musical theatre writers include Joe Iconis, Kirsten Childs, Masi Asare, Hunter Bell, Jeff Bowen, Lauren M. Gunderson, Joriah Kwamé, Daniel and Patrick Lazour, Rob Rokicki, Paulo K Tiról, and more.

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