Ten Til Places: A Theatre Podcast

Ten ‘Til Places: A Theatre Podcast is hosted by actress, Aliya Gardner, who discusses her life as an actress and the ups and downs that go along with trying to succeed in the Theatre Community! She chats about her experiences as a local actress in the DC area and will chat with many other amazing actors and actresses who are all on the same journey to Broadway!

Do You Hear The People Sing?

This podcast that speaks to activists within the Broadway community in hopes of inspiring a whole new generation of them and getting them to jump into action for the 2020 election and beyond.

Thesis On Joan

A podcast dedicated to amplifying voices from the LGBTQ+ community in the New York performing arts scene and examining the industry from a queer perspective! Join fanqueers and theatre professionals Holly (they/them) and Meghan (she/her) as they sit down with groundbreaking theatre folx, from Brooklyn cabaret performers to people backstage and on Broadway. For many queers, theatre has been an escape, this podcast looks to have open conversations on where we’ve come from and where we’re headed as a community, while queering the canon along the way.

Little Justice: The Podcast

Do you love movies? Do you love analyzing movies? Do you love feeling like you know more about movies than your dumb-dumb best friend, even though neither of you really know anything worth speaking of?

Creative Quarantine

What happens to creatives and the creative process when the world is social distancing and self-isolating to combat a growing global pandemic? Journalist, writer, and professional host Angélique Roché sits down with to ask that question of creatives across sectors. Join Angélique for exciting, motivational, incisive — and always funny — conversations with writers, journalists, athletes, actors, singers, performers, musicians and producers. They’ll talk about how they are handling the unexpected and historical gaps in production and the “physical creative process.” Creative Quarantine airs as a live video conversation on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 3PM EST/12 PM PST and on Tuesday at 2PM EST/11 AM PST. Podcasts are available the next day, wherever you listen to podcasts.

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