When Lightning Strikes

Broadway’s top talents reveal their lightning bolt moments that set them on the course of their dreams. When Lightning Strikes! Is hosted by Forbes.com and Parade.com contributor Jeryl Brunner.

Take a Bow Podcast

Tony and Grammy nominated actress, Sydney Lucas, and Broadway and TV veteran, Eli Tokash, both began their careers as young child actors. Now teenagers, they are teaming up to provide listeners with weekly entertainment to share their industry experiences and expertise through Take A Bow! A podcast geared towards fellow lovers of the arts and entertainment. Take A Bow will walk audiences through life in the entertainment industry, as well as discuss various topics with all different types of guests: top actors, directors, musicians, child wranglers, tutors, and more.

The Early Night Show with Joshua Turchin

The Early Night Show with Joshua Turchin goes virtual! Joshua Turchin (Forbidden Broadway, Trevor, The Perfect Fit) enjoys watching late night television, but doesn’t stay up late because… well, he’s still a kid. His love for late-night television inspired him to create “The Early Night Show” to bring a variety show of Broadway guests, comedy and original music to audiences of all ages.

LITTLE ME: Growing Up Broadway

Marc Tummunelli (owner of Broadway Workshop) sits down with Broadway stars, past and present, to discuss the ins and outs of being a child performer, now looking back at it as an adult or discussing the day to day of their current Broadway stardom. As a theater educator, Marc gets his guests to open up about the good, bad and ugly of being a child performer, as well as, share his own unique insight of seeing kids go from the classroom to Broadway, sometimes overnight, and the parents waiting in the wings. Performers share tales of backstage stories, nightmare auditions, opening nights, unexpected closings, stage moms and dads, wranglers, unemployment, college and more.

Dear Multi-Hyphenate

Dear Multi-hyphenate explores the full potential of an artist in show business. Are you unsure if you could do anything other than what your BFA allows you to do? Are you sitting on a project and you have no idea how to get started? What if others have cornered you into thinking that you are just an actor, or just a director, or just a producer? Let go of the rules and take agency of your full potential! Listen to me and my guests, the leaders of the multi-hyphenation station, as we dissect the mentality and possibilities about doing it all.

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