Broadway Nation

Broadway Nation is a lively and opinionated cultural history of the Broadway Musical that tells the extraordinary story of how Immigrants, Jews, Queers, African-Americans and other outcasts invented the Broadway Musical, and how they changed America in the process.

LITTLE ME: Growing Up Broadway

Broadway Stars past and present chat with Marc Tumminelli about the good, bad and the ugly of finding success on Broadway at a young age. Performers will share tales of backstage stories, nightmare auditions, opening nights, unexpected closings, stage moms and dads, wranglers, unemployment, college and more.


Can art change the world? Yes it can! Girl Be Heard’s G!TALK amplifies the voices of young artists/activists who perform and unpack social justice and cultural issues using spoken word, songs and stories. Hosted by Zoe Norman-Hunt.

Develop Your Character

Camp Broadway celebrates its 25th anniversary with the launch its own podcast, Develop Your Character. Theatre journalist, Elysa Gardner hosts a series of candid conversations with industry experts, theatre educators and savvy parents discussing strategies to help culture-consuming kids and aspiring young artists become great performers—on stage, off stage and at every stage of their lives.

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