Ep. 402 – BROADWAY TALKS with an Actor – JJ Niemann

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SEASON 4, EPISODE 2 JJ Niemann is an actor who was on Broadway in Book of Morman as a swing! You may have also seen him in Ratatouille the TikTok Musical on January 1st as an Ensemble-member! Speaking of TikTok, he is widely known for his “Actors with their mic on vs. off” Series where he lets out the secrets shared on Broadway stages! This episode was recorded in October 2020, before Ratatouille. You can keep up to date with our upcoming interviews on our Instagram page (https://www.instagram.com/_realtalk_pod/) or Facebook Page (https://facebook.com/realtalkwithmasonbray). You can also find links to all of the listening platforms or other socials at https://linktr.ee/realtalkpodcast Thank you for your support! You can send Listener Messages on anchor.fm/realtalkwithmasonbray and press the “Messages” button! Doing this can get featured at the end of the episode!


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