Ep. 408 – THEATRE TALKS with a Thespian Troupe – BHS Troupe #950

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The BHS Thespian Troupe #950 is in the midst of rehearsals for their annual spring musical. This year is High School Musical. This Troupe is where several people who have gotten their start, including your host, Mason Bray, in 2014! Another person I have interviewed who came from this program is Kathryn Mayer! People included in this episode: Whitney Wagler, Tanner France, Kate Richardson, Sophia Chavez, Kendall, Hudson Nelson, Bella Bass, Anna, Jadie, Emily, Camille Woolston, and Jennifer Pruden Join us as we find their paths into this troupe and maybe even talk about Taylor Swift and other recent events! ALT. TITLES: The Most Hectic Podcast I have Done Mass Chaos with the Thespian Troupe #950 Boonville’s Hidden Secrets You can keep up to date with our upcoming interviews on our Instagram page (https://www.instagram.com/_realtalk_pod/) or Facebook Page (https://facebook.com/realtalkwithmasonbray). You can also find links to all of the listening platforms or other socials at https://linktr.ee/realtalkpodcast Thank you for your support!


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