Ep. 60 – Welcome Back to Real Talk!

In This Episode

After 9 months away from releasing episodes, Mason returns to discuss the future of Real Talk!

Burnout is a battle that we always hear about, but generally assume that it won’t get to us – but with everything going on, it happened to me. Join me for a few minutes as I discuss why I have been absent from the podcast scene for so long, my love for theatre getting rejuvenated over and over, and the re-introduction of my podcast!

Since the beginning, I have done this show as a way to connect with Broadway in a world where theatres had been shuttered – but that purpose isn’t necessarily the most needed as performing returns for us. While off, I reflected on the reason I keep wanting to reach out and interview amazing artists from around the industry and I came to the conclusion;

THIS is my exploration of careers and my resource to figure out what my own future will look like. Through interviews, I am finding out the benefits of colleges, internships, experience, and networking.

It is my sincere hope that you and everyone listening will be able to use my show as a resource to find the place that we ALL deserve! (Because there is a place for us all in this wonderfully busy industry)

Join me!


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