Ep. 604 – BROADWAY TALKS with a Playwright – Douglas Lyons

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Douglas Lyons is the phenomenal Broadway playwright behind “Chicken & Biscuits”! Not only did he write that show, he also worked on the musical “Breathe” virtually during the pandemic!

His play opened at the Circle in the Square Theatre on October 10th and it was just announced it will be closing early on November 29th due to the loss of ticket sales while there was a breakthrough case of COVID-19 in the cast!

But, Douglas has since said that there will still be a life for the show after Broadway…

In this episode, we discuss his road to Broadway, how he reacted when he saw that Lin-Manuel Miranda saw (and loved) his play, handling the rave reviews from acclaimed critics like Ayanna Prescod and so many more, and his process to being grateful for his life!

This season I want to highlight the people that can and should be the mentors for people of all ages wanting to get into the industry! Join me in connecting to Broadway and figuring our way into the industry! 

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