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Broadway lost one of the greatest artists ever in the past few weeks. Stephen Sondheim was such a huge influence on my life and the lives of so many others. He has truly been an inspiration to millions…

I was introduced to his work in a time where I had very little hope in continuing theatre, quitting was at the forefront of my mind and “Into The Woods” reeled me back in, again. His musicals got me through the pandemic and has me still fully into musical theatre enough to make a podcast about it.

His passing was such a culture shock to people all around the United States, take a look at some of the celebrations of his life:

BwaySho/ Lin-Manuel Miranda reads from Stephen Sondheim’s “Look, I Made A Hat” at “Sunday” for Sondheim

BwaySho/ “Sunday” for Sondheim

CBS/ Patti LuPone one-on-one with Stephen Sondheim

NY Times/ ‘Elemental and Irreplaceable’: Stars Pay Tribute to Stephen Sondheim

What’s Up, Broadway?/ Happy Trails, Stephen Sondheim

This season I want to highlight the people that can and should be the mentors for people of all ages wanting to get into the industry! Join me in connecting to Broadway and figuring our way into the industry! 

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