Ep. 609 – BROADWAY TALKS with a Freelancer/Podcast Host – Martín Acuña

In This Episode

Martín Acuña is the amazing host of Backstage Talk, a podcast highlighting the under-represented people in the theatre world. He is also 1/3 of the What’s Up, Broadway hosts along with Ayanna Prescod. On top of these two shows, he is a freelance social media manager, assistant director, and performer!

In this episode, Martín and I discuss his journey to being a voice of Broadway from Colombia through double majoring in college with communications and performing, how he met the amazing Ayanna Prescod and got to co-host every other week of What’s Up, Broadway? with her, and how he found a purpose for his podcast after visiting New York City in 2020.

In between all of that, we also discuss Martín’s exciting new season of his podcast that will be coming with his 2-year podcast anniversary!

Listen to Backstage Talk here!

Find out more about What’s Up, Broadway here!

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