Episode 30 | Hunter Burke: ”Netflix and Chill”

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Happy Thursday, Survivors!! Your favorite podcast hosts Jason A. Coombs and Samantha Tuozzolo are back with the mega-talented, kind, and thoughtful “Sweet Magnolia” Star, Hunter Burke who plays ‘Trotter Vidhyakorn’, on both seasons of the hit Netflix show.  Hunter takes us through his artistic journey from working alongside his father in a sugarcane field, to getting representation as an actor, to writing and producing the acclaimed feature film, “Lost Bayou” which had its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2019. He also shares why he thinks “Sweet Magnolias” has resonated so loudly with audiences worldwide. 

Before closing out the episode with a fun Netflix Trivia Game, Hunter provides insight into how he manages to be both a working actor and a full-time writer, the unglamorous side of the Artist life, and the importance of finding time to create every day! 

Please excuse any sound issues, Friends! We are still in a pandemic!!

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Opening and Closing Theme Music: “One Love” by Beats by Danny | Game Music: “Wake Up” by MBB.  


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