Episode 37 | Gabby Bean ”Living, Laughing & Loving”

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Happy Pride, Survivors!! Your favorite podcast hosts Jason A. Coombs and Samantha Tuozzolo are back with Tony Award Nominee, Gabby Beans, who made her Broadway debut in the Broadway Revival of SKIN OF OUR TEETH this past year!  Gabby shares her artistic journey from seeing Broadway shows with her Mom as a child to working alongside veteran actors Susan Sarandon, Robin Wright and Mandy Patinkin over the years.  

Before closing out the episode with a fun round of  ‘Tony Award Trivia’,  Gabby shares advice for young actors pursuing a career in the arts, the importance of finding a survival job that you don’t hate and putting on her writer’s hat with her most recent short film, NOSTOS, currently making its rounds  in the film festival circuit. 

The episode opens with Samantha and Jason sharing a mic check where they gab about the phenomenal performances in both TAKE ME OUT and AMERICAN BUFFALO! The exclusive video can be found on Broadway World and the audio only can be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Audible or any of your other favorite podcast apps. 

Please excuse any sound issues, Friends! We are still in a pandemic!!

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Opening and Closing Theme Music: “One Love” by Beats by Danny | Game Music: “Wake Up” by MBB.  

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