Episode 55 | Evan Alexander Smith: ”Canada’s Finest”

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Your favorite podcast hosts Jason A. Coombs and Samantha Tuozzolo are back with the talented, genuine and gracious “Merrily We Roll Along” actor, Evan Alexander Smith.  Evan gives us a glimpse into his acting journey from doing regional theatre in Canada to booking the first national tour of THE PLAY THAT GOES WRONG and his first Broadway gig, AMAZING GRACE. He also gives us a glimpse into the rehearsal room of New York Theatre Workshop’s production of the Stephen Sondheim and George Furth musical MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG, where he is working alongside Broadway veterans Jonathan Groff, Lindsay Mendez, Daniel Radcliffe and ‘Survival Jobs’ alum, Krystal Joy Brown! 

Before closing out the episode with an amusing ‘Name that Canadian’ trivia game, Evan shares why being an audition reader is his favorite ‘survival job’ and how much joy poutine from Costco brings him!

The episode opens with a mic check where  Samantha and Jason do a mini deep dive on the 20th anniversary of Christina Aguilera’s STRIPPED album, and how they plan to celebrate Halloween this year! Exclusive Survival Job videos can be found here on Broadway World and the audio can be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Audible or any of your other favorite podcast apps. 


Please excuse any sound issues, Friends! We are still in a pandemic!!

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Opening and Closing Theme Music: “One Love” by Beats by Danny | Game Music: “Wake Up” by MBB.  

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