Episode 68 | John Behlmann: ”Totally Shucked”

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Your favorite podcast hosts Jason A. Coombs and Samantha Tuozzolo are back with the insanely talented and handsome triple threat, John Behlmann who is currently starring as ‘Gordy’ in the hit new Broadway musical, SHUCKED, currently playing at the Nederlander Theatre. Behlmann shares why he believes audiences are flocking to the theater in droves to see the country musical comedy,  how the show has changed since its Salt Lake City premiere last fall and the full circle moment between himself and music icon Reba McIntire .  

Before closing out the episode with a fun game of  “Pop Culture Corn”, Behlmann shares how he believes Broadway can be more inclusive in front of and behind the curtain. Tickets for “Shucked” are currently on sale! 

Episode 68 opens with Samantha and Jason sharing a mic check about the wonderful red carpet experience of the new Broadway show, “Goodnight Oscar” starring Sean Hayes! Lastly,  the exclusive video can be found here on Broadway World and an audio only version is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Audible or any of your other favorite podcast apps. 

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Opening and Closing Theme Music: “One Love” by Beats by Danny | Game Music: “Wake Up” by MBB.  

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