We Got Annie (feat. Annie Golden)

We Got Annie (feat. Annie Golden)

We are IN THE ROOM with the Queen of all mediums – Annie Golden (Orange is the New Black! Bleeding Love musical podcast! High Maintenance! Assassins! Hair! Voilet! The Fully Monty! Broadway Bounty Hunter!)

Nothing Feels Better Than One Solo Clap (feat. Carly Jibson)

My Hard Out Was an Hour Ago (feat. John Hill)

We are IN THE ROOM with an absolute ray of sunshine – John Hill! (Co-host of “Andy Cohen Live” & host of The Feels on SiriusXM.) We talk body hair, the essentiality of ring lights, quarantine catch-up, how the kitchen is the office now, Bruce Vilanch-ishness, living in Marc Shaiman’s LA guest house, creating his own work, and being a reality tv producer/show-runner. There are also utterly bizarre stories about Linda Hart showing up at Gelson’s after having just been robbed, driving (& getting diarrhea in) Kristen Bell’s Jetta, and his inspired choice of stepping away from reality tv shows – and moving into scripted and late night. We also dip into his alter ego Helvetica, and certainly get into his past life as a Broadway performer (Hairspray, The Boy From Oz), and the cult hit “Bare: A Pop Opera.” John Hill is nothing if not the ultimate multi-hyphenate prince of showbiz. PS – yes, Dana told him the story. 

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