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Award Winning Writer and Actor, Joshua Turchin joins the podcast to discuss being a multi- hyphenate in the entertainment industry. Joshua really opens the curtains by sharing the craziest backstage stories from his time in A Christmas Story, Forbidden Broadway, and more. He also talks about how he heard about the Broadway Shutdown while rehearsing for Trevor: The Musical. We also talk about the content that Joshua has created such as The Perfect Fit Musical and The Early Night Show which is also found on the Broadway Podcast Network.

Joshua then opens up to how kids in the business are treated differently. Evaluating the audition process as a kid inspired Josh to write his new musical The Perfect Fit. The conversation that transpires between the guest and host is valuable to people of all ages in the industry. This BPN collaboration of The Early Night Show welcomed to Take A Bow, is one you don’t want to miss.

Joshua Turchin, Curtain Up!

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