#51 – Bowen Yang Didn’t Sink the Titanic

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SNL’s Rising Star Bowen Yang, talks SNL, Nora From Queens, his podcast Las Culturistas, and more! Bowen’s journey is incredibly unique. As a graduate of NYU in the Department of Chemistry, he quickly shifted focus to solely work on his talents as a comedian. Juggling three different jobs (which he currently does today) was no easy journey getting there.

If you think you know the life of a Saturday Night Live writer or cast member, think again! When Bowen guides us through the making of the skit of The Iceberg Who Sunk the Titanic. he graciously puts in to perspective the work each episode of SNL takes. Tune in to hear a brilliant episode that is equally entertaining, funny, and insightful. From getting rejected from UCB to writing then starring in SNL:

Bowen Yang, Curtain Up!

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