#76 – The Creation of The Rainbow Lullaby

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Produced by Broadway Records, the Rainbow Lullaby is the world’s first LGBTQ lullaby album. Joining us to talk about it is the creator, co-writer, and performer of the album Ryan Bauer-Walsh. Writer Lucas Syed and Andrew Gerle also join for a conversation about their experience with the project.

This month long mini-series will showcase, both, artists from the creative and performing side of this project uniquely getting the creating process from all kinds of different perspectives. Check out the Rainbow Lullaby anywhere you stream music and come back next week to hear from performers.

Talking points include:

  • The Inspiration of The Rainbow Lullaby
  • Recording Process
  • Timing of the project
  • The creating process
  • Pitching a project
  • LGBTQ artists
  • Hide and Seek and Tiny Cloud
  • + a ton more

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