#98 – Skye Alyssa Friedman

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Broadway Baby, Skye Alyssa Friedman had experienced Broadway at such a young age, she wasn’t fully to comprehend what it was like to be on BROADWAY! Now, she is able to experience it as an adult as she is managing double duty in Lucky Star and Kimberly Akimbo while attending college at Pace University. Skye and Eli go through several self tapes a week together, so they share their best practices and favorite tips, as well.

Skye Alyssa Friedman, Curtain Up!

Skye and Eli talk about:

  • Journey to Broadway
  • Child actors
  • Family/Parents Sacrifice
  • Annie
  • Kimberly Akimbo
  • The Luck Star
  • Swing Life
  • Character preparation
  • Self-taping tips
  • + a ton more

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Edited by Tessie Tokash (@tessietokash)

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