S2 #2 KJ and Vichet talk about MFAs

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Is getting a Masters degree the best way to enter the theater industry? It’s a popular avenue to take, but it may not be the only way. Christine sits down with friends and colleagues KJ Sanchez and Vichet Chum as they dive into the realities of student loans, institutional racism, and a career in an insecure industry.

For more information on the MFA programs discussed today please visit:

Brown University MFA in Playwriting

University of Texas at Austin MFA in Playwriting

This episode features Vichet Chum and KJ Sanchez The Dramatist Guild Presents: Talkback is a production of The Dramatists Guild of America . This episode was produced by Sarah Storm, Amy VonMacek and Christine Toy Johnson. Robare Pruyn mixed our show. Our theme music was composed by Andrea Daly. Special thanks to Tina Fallon, Tari Stratton, and the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee at the Dramatists Guild.

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