S2 #5 Nikkole and Bianca talk about Alternate Access

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The entire theater industry has found itself confronting a very specific access challenge this year. So many traditional boundaries have been broken. The fourth wall has been replaced with the Zoom screen, and the audience with a chat room. Christine chats with writers Nikkole Salter and Bianca Sams about how they’re thinking about work, audience, and opportunity – outside of the brick-and-mortar theater model with its traditional subscriber base.

To learn more about Nikkole Salter visit www.nikkolesalter.com Follow them on Twitter @NikkoleSalter

To learn more about Bianca Sams visit www.biancasams.com Follow them on Twitter @BiancaSams1

This episode features Nikkole Salter and Bianca Sams. The Dramatist Guild Presents: Talkback is a production of The Dramatists Guild of America . This episode was produced by Sarah Storm, Amy VonMacek and Christine Toy Johnson. Robare Pruyn mixed our show. Our theme music was composed by Andrea Daly. Special thanks to Tina Fallon, Tari Stratton, and the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee at the Dramatists Guild.

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