S3 #1 Bhangra meets La Jolla: Collaborating on Culturally Specific Shows

In This Episode

In our first episode of our third season we’ll talk about the journey of bringing a culturally specific show to a predominantly white institution.

Our guests are Rehana Lew Mirza, Rohi Mirza Pandya of SRC Partners and Natasha Sinha, who are working to bring the new musical Bhangin’ It (book and lyrics by Rehana Lew Mirza and Mike Lew, music by Sam Wilmott) to their world premiere at the La Jolla Playhouse in 2022. Christine and our guests discuss the intricacies of telling a specific cultural story,the pitfalls of representation, and how building relationships with theaters can be the key to successfully communicating the need for cultural consultants.

For more information on Bhangin’ It and to purchase tickets visit: https://lajollaplayhouse.org/show/bhangin-it/

TALKBACK is a production of the Dramatists Guild. It’s produced by Amy VonMacek, Sarah Storm, and me, Christine Toy Johnson and mixed by Robare Delaney Pruyn. Our theme music is by Andrea Daley. Our guest producers for this episode are Michael Lew and Shellen Lubin. The Dramatists Guild Presents: TALKBACK is distributed by The Broadway Podcast Network. Join the conversation online use hashtag #DGTALKBACK

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