S3 E4 Artists First and Foremost: Collaborating with the Disability Community

In This Episode

While the pandemic left so many things unsure this year, one thing was clear: connecting communities from across the world is easier than ever. In this episode, we’ll hear from artistic leaders from two theater companies that approach centering artists with disabilities in different ways. Christine speaks with Nicholas Viselli from Theater Breaking Through Barriers, a company that has been doing work centering artists with disabilities since 1979 and Sarah Hom and Anna Morton from the Roundabout Theatre Company, a company who has been working hard this year to expand their programming to be more intentionally inclusive.

TALKBACK is a production of the Dramatists Guild of America. It’s produced by Amy VonMacek, Sarah Storm, Christine Toy Johnson and mixed by Robare Delaney Pruyn. Our theme music is by Andrea Daley. Our guest producer for this episode was Anita Hollander. The Dramatists Guild Presents: TALKBACK is distributed by The Broadway Podcast Network. Join the conversation online use hashtag #DGTALKBACK

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