S3 E6 A Long Overdue Correction: Collaborating with Non-Homogenous Creative Teams

In This Episode

In our final episode of Season 3 Christine sits down with celebrated director Leigh Silverman about her ongoing commitment to form teams that have intersectional inclusion. Leigh shares candidly both her own efforts to create parity on her teams, and her personal learning curve.

Leigh will be a part of New York City’s Vineyard Theater 2021/2022 season. Visit (vineyardtheatre.org)

TALKBACK is a production of the Dramatists Guild of America. It’s produced by Amy VonMacek, Sarah Storm, and me, Christine Toy Johnson. Robare Delaney Pruyn mixes our show. Our theme music is by Andrea Daley. The Dramatist Guild Presents: TALKBACK is distributed by The Broadway Podcast Network. This is our final episode for the season, but we’ll be back next fall. Who should we speak to next? What topics should we cover? Let us know by using hashtag #DGTALKBACK and as always to be continued.

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