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The Afro-Existential Podcast| Creating Art in Crisis: Got Therapy?!

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It’s the premiere of our six-part series, entitled “Creating Art in Crisis”. We explore how creatives are dealing with the current pandemic and social unrest and finding new ways to share their work while dealing with the crisis.

We kick it off with a conversation with a psychotherapist. We discuss what the first phone call to a therapist can look like, what to expect, current issues clients are dealing with, and solutions.

Melanie Stitt is a licensed clinical social worker who lives in and has a private practice in Philadelphia, as well as works for a group practice in NY and NJ. Through her several decades as a mental health professional, Melanie has worked with various populations. Her passion is working with young adults and people attending therapy for the first time Identify skills to live more meaningful and pleasurable lives. Like us at the Afro-Existential Podcast, she believes in working outside of the box and that the most unlikely ideas yield the most helpful solutions. She draws from her creative and clinical background to help people live their best lives. Her goal is to make therapy attainable and understandable for people who aren’t sure what to expect.

We also get sage advice from attorney David Sparks about the upcoming election, and we debut a contagious new dance anthem for the Corona Era by two members of our fan club, Josie and Bessie, called “Corona is SO WHACK!”

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