Carson Rowland (Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, Sweet Magnolias)

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Actor Carson Rowland joined host Robert Peterpaul to discuss kindness on the set of his shows Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin and Sweet Magnolias, how his family and wife lift him up, the link between acting and neuroscience and more.

Carson Rowland has been in love with acting since he can remember, first stepping into the spotlight with the recurring role of Cole Reyes in Nickelodeon’s I Am Frankie. Over the years, Carson has become known for his work on shows like the ABC sitcom American Housewife, but it wasn’t until he booked the role of Tyler Townshend on Netflix’s charming series Sweet Magnolias that his star really shone. It grew even brighter this summer with the release of HBO Max’s hit Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, where Carson plays high schooler Chip. In addition to acting, Carson is also a singer-songwriter, but he mainly does that for himself. He also casually has a BS in Neuroscience from Florida Atlantic University, something he earned while simultaneously being a working actor.

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