Chandler Kinney (Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, Disney’s Zombies 3)

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Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin star Chandler Kinney joins host Robert Peterpaul to discuss kindness in the arts, her new HBO Max show and much more! Get ready for a party!

Chandler Kinney began performing at the age of 3. Starting out as a dancer, her love for the arts grew as she got older. As an actor, Chandler has been seen in FOX’s “Lethal Weapon,” FX’s “American Horror Story: Asylum,” the CW’s “90210,” Disney’s “Girl Meets World” and more. Hollywood has been buzzing about Chandler for her two most recent projects: “ZOMBIES 3″ and “Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin.” The star also uses her bright light to give back, starting her own nonprofit called Chandler’s Friends, which partners with local organizations and elementary schools in various creative initiatives to serve children in need in the greater Los Angeles community.

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