Jocelyn Delk Adams (TODAY, Food Network) Bakes Up Kindness

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Jocelyn Delk Adams (TODAY, Food Network, Grandbaby Cakes) is making the world a happier place one treat at a time. The celebrity baker discusses learning kindness from her grandma in the kitchen, using fear as a motivator and much more.

Jocelyn  is the founder, author, national television personality and brand ambassador behind the award-winning cookbook Grandbaby Cakes and the food website, which gives her family’s cherished generational recipes a modern spin. Jocelyn is a TODAY Show Tastemaker, a Food Network judge on the popular series “Santa’s Baking Blizzard” and “Beat Bobby Flay” and cast member of such shows as “Food Fantasies” on OWN Network and the Cooking Channel’s longest running most popular shows, “Unique Sweets.” Jocelyn hopes Grandbaby Cakes will continue to encourage new generations of dessert enthusiasts to learn how to bake and create new family memories for years to come.

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