Teen Wolf: The Movie’s Melissa Ponzio on the Power of Kindness

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Actress Melissa Ponzio joins The Art of Kindness with Robert Peterpaul to discuss the act of kindness that helped her book Teen Wolf, returning for Teen Wolf: The Movie, being inspired by Sigourney Weaver and much more.

Melissa Ponzio spent most of her childhood clowning it up at school and impersonating her beloved family. Then late one night, the New York native City saw Sigourney Weaver in “Alien” and knew right then and there what she wanted to be…an alien! But they said she couldn’t really be an alien, so on to the next best thing: acting!

Over the years, Melissa’s onscreen presence has captivated audiences across so many projects… seriously I could sit here naming them for the entire show: She’s notably had recurring roles in the hit NBC series, “Chicago Fire,” AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” HULU’s “The Girl From Plainville,” BET+’s “First Wives Club,” Cinemax’s “Banshee” and Lifetime’s “Army Wives,” as well as a never-ending list of guest star roles. On the film front, she’s been seen playing opposite Octavia Spencer and Melissa McCarthy in Thunder Force on Netflix, Hilary Swank in HBO’s original film Mary and Martha and their historical drama “Warm Springs,” with Kenneth Branagh and Cynthia Nixon, and – throwback – in the comedy, “Life As We Know It,” with Josh Duhamel and Katherine Heigl.

Of course, Melissa is now back on screen in the Paramount+ “Teen Wolf: The Movie” revival, reprising her beloved role as ‘Melissa McCall,’ the hard-working and devoted single mother to ‘Scott’ (played by Tyler Posey). She previously starred in the MTV “Teen Wolf” series for six seasons.

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