TikTok Star Jesús Morales (Juixxe) on Surprising Street Vendors with Acts of Kindness

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Happy May! TikTok Star Jesús Morales, a.k.a. Juixxe, joins the Art of Kindness podcast with Robert Peterpaul to discuss surprising street vendors with acts of kindness, partnering with Modelo for a major surprise and more.

Modelo partnered with Juixxe, a changemaker known for gifting hundreds of thousands of dollars to street vendors who struggled during the pandemic, to honor the roots of its new product. Furthering his commitment to being a force for good, Modelo and Juixxe bought out hard working, Southern California-based street vendors’ carts earlier this month. Modelo flew and hosted the merchants in Las Vegas to be among the first to try the new beverage – that they helped inspire – at the Modelo Spiked Aguas Frescas launch celebration.

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