#13 – Disney Obsession

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Welcome back faithful friends and listeners! We (mostly Bret) are so excited for this week’s topic: DISNEY! We strongly feel that everyone has a soft spot in their heart for the House of Mouse — some more than others (i.e. Us). In fact, there’s a whole podcast devoted to LGBTQ+ folks that have an affinity for the magical world of Disney, and we were lucky enough to be guests. Listen to our interview HERE.

For those interested in learning more about the book mentioned in this week’s episode, check it out HERE.

In this week’s Spotlight On Love, we discuss the cast of Love is Blind on Netflix and how we think we would have fared on this Nick Lachey hosted reality show. — Be sure to DM or email us with with your relationship advice questions and we might just answer them on a future episode of the podcast!

Thanks, as always, for listening and supporting this podcast! Love you all.

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